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Dylan, Bob - They Don't Deserve It CD


Label:  L.C. Muisc 16817

New or Used:   U

Condition/Grade:  NM 

Format:  CD

Additional Info:  2 disc set pressed on silver discs.
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Bob Dylan - They Don't Deserve It CD

Below info is from the internet (Thanks Bob's Boots)


"They don't deserve it" Who is 'they'? Bob's boot buying public. What don't they deserve? Having to spend hard earned cash on drivel. There are a couple gems here, but for the most part the songs are average or below. The vocals are blended right above the music. Bob sings fairly well, but there's no magic. It's mildly amusing to hear him on electric piano. This title is little more than an amateur exercise into the ego of L.C. (the compiler). There is no rhyme or reason to the random order, and the editing is no more than abrupt tape start and stop at every song. The package aesthetics are sad. The two images are primitive caricatures by Dave C.             

Most Likely You Go Your Way (2/16)
Lay Lady Lay (2/16)
Masters Of War (2/16)
The Man In Me (2/16)
Wiggle Wiggle (2/12)
Bob Dylan's Dream (2/16)
Love Minus Zero
Tomorrow Is A Long Time (2/12)
Shooting Star (2/9)
Everything Is Broken (2/17)
Man In The Long Black Coat
Seeing The Real You At Last
Under The Red Sky
God Knows
I Shall Be Released (2/17)
Like A Rolling Stone (2/17)
What Good Am I (2/12)
Highway 61 Revisited

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