Rock and Roll Collage 2 Elvis, George Michael, Kiss 8 X 10


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Country:  USA

New or Used: N 

Condition/Grade:  NEW

Format:  COLLAGE

Additional Info:  8 X 10 Collage


   Exclusive to jads Jams we are now offering unique and various works by the artist Duke.  These copies of the original designs are card stock prints on chrome coat paper.  Collages make a great fun affordable gift.  These free form creations will add style and interest to any room or space.


*Note*  The unframed print you receive may be lighter or darker than the image you see here on the internet.


Limited original works are also for sale.  Email or further information.




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8 X 10 Rock and Roll Collage 2 Elvis, George Michael, Kiss,  Janet Jackson, Sting + many more (see pic)